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A New Viewpoint: Dr. Sclafani’s Take on Screen Time – Part 2

Dr. Sclafani has a way to protect children's eyes from the effects of screen time.Through years of practice and motherhood, Louise Sclafani, OD, FAAO, FSLS, has seen the impact that screen time can have on children. Though she recognizes that the amount of time spent with digital devices is unlikely to drop any time soon, she also knows that there are ways to help protect young eyes. Dr. Sclafani started talking about a solution for parents in the first post that offers protection through nutrition: EyePromise® Screen Shield™ Teen.

How Do You Think Patients Will React to This Vitamin?

I think, in general, people like to be proactive about their health, and parents want to be even more proactive about their kids’ health. Parents are very aware of the detriments of UV lights on other aspects of the eye, and they’re becoming more aware of the inherent damage that can be caused by digital screens.

Blue light from screens is an artificial UV element we haven’t encountered in the past, and nobody looks at the sun for six hours, yet kids are on devices for six or more hours a day! We can’t get kids off their screens, but we can be proactive and give them supplements that protect against UV light.

What Do You Think Kids Will Think?

When I talked to my son about it, I was surprised that he saw the potential benefits of a vitamin that protects kids’ eyes from screens. He thinks it’s smart because everything at school is done online.

Would You Recommend Suggesting This Vitamin to All Children and Teens?

EyePromise Screen Shield Teen works for any kid who may be looking at screens for 2 or more hours a day.

I don’t see a reason why all kids couldn’t use it, but I think I’m going to really focus on the ones who come in and can’t or won’t get off their phones when they are in my exam room.

Screen Shield Teen & Your Practice

In the next post, Dr. Sclafani explains how she will utilize this information and EyePromise Screen Shield Teen in her daily practice.