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Twitter Talk: Screen Shield Pro

We love to hear how our products help people continue to do the things they love, and we know you love hearing from real people how our products work. We designed EyePromise® Screen Shield Pro to help those who experience digital eye strain. Here’s what some of our Twitter followers have to say about it.

Abyssdontmiss @AbyssDontMiss
I don’t always show appreciation for @EyePromiseGG but in all reality, I take my vitamins every day and for the last 6 months, I’ve taken my Screen Shield Pro. My eyes have never felt better!

#TheClassGraduation @Restrain
I’ve been using @EyePromiseGG regularly for months and, I can honestly say, it’s one of the best products on the market. Eye health for gamers is important!

Michael Grzesiek @shroud
NO STREAM TODAY. Have an appointment with an optometrist today, also taking it easy because of all the eye strain I’ve had these past two weeks. GLHF keep playing/watching Valorant, that is ALL.
Kurt Schray @Weak3n
[EyePromise Screen Shield Pro] Actually works. Eye strain gave me headaches pretty much every other day from playing, don’t get them at all anymore.

Troy Ostermann @fadonkins
#notsponsored Just as a shout out, taking @EyePromiseGG pills once a day for the past 3 months. [It] has 100% had an effect on my vision, I feel like I see things better, sharper, crisper and clearer, especially while gaming, and staring at screens all day.

ToXsiK @ToXsiK
Might have to give these @EyePromiseGG supplements a try @Enable
Ian Wyatt @Enable
They’re godlike bro



Christopher Garcia @OogTheLegend
One other thing, if you haven’t already go check out @EyePromiseGG. [I have] been using this product for quite a bit and it actually works! Use [CODE] at checkout for 20% if you decide to purchase something

AG | Jordan @Mxsteryzz
Game winning combo. Can confirm
XP Segway @TheNiceSegway
Need to add in the @EyePromiseGG too
Valvidian @valvidian
Their product is in fact, elite.

Neoteric @NeotericGG
Just waking up? Well, now would be the perfect time to take your @EyePromiseGG supplement!
Strengthen your eyes and help [protect from] blue light while gaming for long hours!
Available here: 

Glory @Gloreos
S/O to @EyePromiseGG for everything they have done for me! Truly professional and a great product



XP Segway @TheNiceSegway
A HUGE thank you to @EyePromisegg for the package! Absolutely love the product (have been using prior to package).
Can’t wait to keep working with y’all and see how well my dry eyes perform down the road Fire
#SageModeMan mage #EyeHealth #ScreenShieldPro



Christopher Garcia @OogTheLegend
Just wanna give a random shoutout to @EyePromiseGG, supplying the gaming world with a product that actually works. There are reasons some of the best athletes in the world endorse it. Start taking your vitamins! [Check it out] at

eU Burns @Potthoff
Been taking @EyePromisegg for 5 months now, it’s legit.
Biggest improvement I’ve seen is not having Eye Strain after 9-10+ hour workdays looking at my computer or phone.

Reform @ReformSV
Be real with me. Does @EyePromisegg really work? See a lot of people advertising it and I need something cause my eyes are always killing me
Wraithyn @Wraithyn1
It works. I had really bad [occasional] dry eyes and I’d get bad headaches after a long streaming session. Bought it with @Weak3n‘s code and I feel way better. Helped with work too since I stare at a screen all day for that too.
eU Burns @Potthoff
^ echoing this statement, helped me with [occasional] dry eyes and not looking like a zombie after 11 hours of working/gaming
Kurt Schray @Weak3n
Worked for me. I was getting multiple headaches a week from the eye strain/my eyes drying out. I honestly can’t remember when I had one last.

Eric @Formalxo
thought [Screen Shield Pro] might just be a placebo at first but can confirm that my eyes feel immaculate, and better sleep as well. [I] didn’t make the connection to my sleep until you mentioned it here. [These] are awesome

Christopher @Parasite
Happy to announce I’m now partnered with @EyePromisegg! Eye Promise makes a vitamin proven to improve your eye health. Been using their product for over a month and have felt a noticeable difference in eye dryness that I usually would get from playing for long periods of time.
NYSL Clayster @Clayster
Nice brotha, love the guys over there at EyePromise. Product is hella solid too

PistolaTime @PistolaTime
Check out @EyePromisegg, they have a great product to protect your eyes and enhance your vision, backed by athletes both in and outside the gaming industry. Gamers overlook their health/nutrition and this needs to change. Thanks for helping me, I am hyped to try ScreenShield Pro.

FORGIVEN @ForgivenJ7
[Screen Shield Pro] actually worth?
Dillon Bantel @dbantelauthor
It’s a very good product. I used to have [terribly] dry and heavy eyes, and EyePromise completely stopped that. When I used to lay in bed to go to sleep, I could feel the tension in my eyes even though they were shut. EyePromise fixed that too. I have them on automatic reorder.

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