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Supplementation to Support Diabetic Eye Health

As the rate of diabetes continues to increase across the country, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of this whole-body health issue. Eye health issues caused by diabetes are often not discussed until serious problems arise. Diabetes impacts your quality of vision, reducing your color and contrast sensitivity and even causing vision loss. However, just as nutrition is important for the overall stability of diabetes, it’s imperative for preserving lasting eye health. Here are some nutrients that are necessary for supporting vision for people with diabetes.


As one of the most important nutrients for eye health, zeaxanthin is an antioxidant selected by the eye to accumulate heavily in the center of the retina to help protect and enhance vision. Specifically, zeaxanthin protects central vision, and research shows that we need at least 8 mg of dietary zeaxanthin to impact eye health. In fact, one study found that supplementing with this amount of zeaxanthin helped:

  • Increase visual sharpness and clarity (visual acuity)
  • Improve night driving abilities (ability to recover from bright-light exposure or see a dark-colored car on a dimly lit street, etc.)


Lutein is another critical antioxidant that works alongside zeaxanthin in the retina to protect eye health. Lutein is credited with protecting peripheral vision, and most eye vitamins follow the ratio of lutein to zeaxanthin found in the diet (5 to 1). However, to get the best results from supplementation, EyePromise chooses to match the eyes’ natural ratio of zeaxanthin to lutein (2 to 1) or match the amounts altogether.


This nutrient is not often talked about when it comes to eye health, but Pycnogenol has been demonstrated to have several eye-related benefits for people with diabetes. In addition to helping with visual acuity, Pycnogenol binds to collagen and elastic fibers to help strengthen capillary walls. This benefit matters because uncontrolled diabetes can damage the blood vessels in the eyes, causing bleeding which leads to vision loss. Pycnogenol helps to keep this from happening.


Benfotiamine is a derivative of Vitamin B1 and helps reduce free radicals which can cause damage throughout the body, including the eyes. Additionally, it works to reduce the production of certain proteins that have been linked to microvascular damage (i.e. blood vessel leakage) as well as helps reduce cell death. Benfotiamine has also been shown to improve vibratory sensation, nerve conduction, and painful sores caused by nerve damage.


Found in grape skin, resveratrol has potent antioxidant capabilities. Specifically, it helps protect the body from damaging oxidation and reduce cell death. Resveratrol also has anti-aging properties and can help reduce inflammation and insulin resistance caused by diabetes.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a powerful mitochondrial antioxidant that helps protect the powerhouse of the cell from free radical damage. Although it’s produced by the mitochondria, it’s usually in very small amounts, which decrease with age. ALA supports long-term vision and helps reduce the risk of eye health issues related to diabetes.

Get All of These Eye-Health Nutrients In 1 Vitamin

All these nutrients are important for supporting eye health related to diabetes, but it’s difficult to eat the amounts you would need every day. Additionally, diabetes adds to the complication of a healthy diet, restricting what one can eat on a daily basis. Supplementation can help ease the stress of dietary additions while meeting the nutritional needs of people with diabetes. Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to supplements is finding a quality formulation that doesn’t impact blood sugar levels.

EyePromise® DVS

If you’re looking for the above solution, look no further. EyePromise DVS is a clinically backed eye health vitamin that was specially crafted to support eye health in people with diabetes. With all of the above listed ingredients along with other powerful nutrients, DVS is the choice of eye care professionals for their patients with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes or at risk for developing diabetes.

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