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Sports Illustrated Reports On Zeaxanthin

By now, you probably know that EyePromise® is involved with sports in many capacities, including baseball, football, and golf. What you may not know is that EyePromise has been supporting professional sports for over a decade! EyePromise has been partnering with Major League Baseball’s Arizona Fall League since 2008, and in 2015, word reached Sports Illustrated, who published an article about pro baseball players using zeaxanthin to improve performance.

Pro Baseball Players Using Paprika-Derived Nutrient to Improve Their Game

The author of the article spoke to Neil Walker, who played second base for a Northeastern professional team. He spoke about his most important qualities of his performance, but he wasn’t referring to his hitting or catching. He was referring to his eyes. In his interview, he said he “can’t do any of those things without good vision.”

The Science

So, what sparked this surge in the baseball community? Beyond the initial partnership and early exposure to many players in the AFL, EyePromise also participated in a study that was published in 2014 in the Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. In this study, researchers linked visual processing speed and reaction time improvements to an increased intake of dietary zeaxanthin (the paprika-derived nutrient). This study looked at young, healthy adults, and results included:

Walker began taking EyePromise because he was struggling with eye dryness and squinting during games.

“After taking [the supplement] every day, I felt like my contrast was better, and I wasn’t squinting as much. It was somewhat like internal sunglasses to a degree, especially during day games.”

Now, players on every major league team take EyePromise to upgrade their eyes and their game. Even with the science, some people find it hard to believe the changes in vision that can come with a simple vitamin. To that, Walker says, “I get that’s something that’s hard to measure. But when you’re trying to track baseballs at the plate or in the field for a living, that’s kind of your own little test.”

But what about people who don’t play baseball for a living? The author also interviewed assistant athletic trainer Paul Harker.

“The one thing I know is that I don’t feel the need to constantly wear sunglasses when I’m outside. My sensitivity to light has decreased.”

Additionally, people who take EyePromise consistently notice an easier time driving at night, especially in inclement weather.

But Who Is EyePromise?

As the #1 eye doctor-recommended eye vitamins, EyePromise has the most clinically tested formulas available. In addition to clinical testing, EyePromise vitamins undergo rigorous third-party testing by NSF International, with some products receiving the highest certification for purity and quality: NSF Certified for Sport. This certification is why EyePromise is the #1 choice of collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes.

Not an Athlete?

Even if you’re not an athlete, everyone can benefit from better nutrition and improved eye health. Therefore, EyePromise’s line of eye vitamins includes formulas for just about anyone. Find out which one is right for your eye health needs by taking our product selector quiz!

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