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EyePromise® Goes Green

Earth Day is April 22nd, and there are many ways to celebrate the planet we live on. Plant a tree, clean up trash, recycle. Though we put a great deal of trust in our manufacturers for many of our variables, EyePromise wants to share all the ways we’re working towards a greener Earth.

No More Cellophane

We included cellophane wrapping as padding in all our bottles. This helped maintain product integrity and kept our softgels and tablets from moving too much during shipping. However, we didn’t like how wasteful it felt to include needless plastic that would simply be thrown away and added to a landfill.

With this in mind, we’ve updated our manufacturing practices. At the end of 2019, we stopped including this cellophane lining in our products. This equals out to be about 1000lbs less plastic waste a year! While this change is in effect, be aware that there is a chance you may receive a bottle of vitamins that still includes cellophane. We ask that you please have patience with us as we work towards more environmentally friendly practices.

Smaller Bottles

We still want to keep the integrity of our vitamins during shipping, but without the cellophane, there was space for our softgels and tablets to move around. After considering our options, we’ve come up with the best solution (in our humble opinion). We’ve reduced the size of our bottles, and this does 2 things:

  1. Gives our softgels and tablets less room to move to help maintain the integrity of the vitamins.
  2. Reduces the amount of plastic we need to use to create our bottles. This helps reduce the manufacturing emissions, as well as the amount of plastic waste.

No one likes opening a bag of chips and seeing all the empty space that could’ve been filled with more crunchy goodness, and we don’t want our vitamins following that sentiment.

A Ban on Banding

More on plastic reduction, EyePromise used to band 3 bottles together with plastic to reduce movement and preserve product integrity. However, at the start of this year, EyePromise has removed this banding process to further reduce our plastic use. While the new process hasn’t hit the market yet, you should start seeing this change appear in orders throughout the year. Per recent estimates, this change will save at least another 1000lbs of plastic by the end of 2021!

Ethical, Sustainable Ingredients

EyePromise is proud of our high-quality ingredients, but it’s important to us that the sourcing of these ingredients is ethical and sustainable.


Our zeaxanthin is derived from paprika peppers and obtained through Kalsec who proudly declare, “[We are] a leader in transformative areas such as plant breeding, pesticide management, traceability, and responsible sourcing…As a global citizen, Kalsec strives to respect and nurture the environment and communities from which we derive our livelihoods.”


Our lutein is provided through Kemin Inc., who uses the best growing and harvesting practices to cultivate its ingredients, as well as a proprietary manufacturing process that has been closely monitored and perfected over the last 20 years. They see a dedication to sustainability as they’re way of improving life for future generations.

“This commitment is at the heart of our servant leadership approach which compels us to focus on the growth and well-being of our employees, customers and the more than 3.8 billion people we serve every day, while safeguarding our planet’s finite resources.”


Our EZ Tears™ fish oil is sustainably sourced from anchovies off the coast of Chile. Golden Omega, the fish oil provider, is certified Dolphin Safe and a Friend of the Sea and has been performing an Environmental Monitoring Program to ensure that its operation doesn’t impact the sea. They work to ensure there’s no oil waste. Oil fractions that are not transformed into a finished good are sold as by-products for use in different industrial applications.

Golden Omega also participates in the Green-e Direct certification program, which certifies that 100% of the electric energy used in their operations is supplied from renewable power sources. In fact, at the end of 2020, the organization Recyclos SPA confirmed that Golden Omega recycled 246.1kg of waste that year.

“In other words, the eco-equivalence waste recovered by Golden Omega: 3 trees were not cut down, 1100 KWH of energy were saved, 8900 liters of water were saved, 185 liters of petrol were not used and 420 kilograms of CO2 were not emitted into the atmosphere.”

As we continue to review our policies and practices, we’ll to evaluate our impact on the environment. We will work to make any updates or changes necessary to improve our sustainability and reduce our footprint. So, step outside, take a deep breath, and enjoy Earth Day.