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AMD and the Gift of Healthy Vision

AMD is an inherited eye health concern. EyePromise has your way to intervene.

Have you ever heard the saying “You can’t pick your family”? It can be applied to many different things: your embarrassing uncle, your annoying brother, your stubborn grandparent. You’re likely stuck with these family members, and you’re also stuck with some of their genetic traits, including their health history. Family history is one of the most certain risk factors of many health concerns, including heart and brain health.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is another health issue with a big connection to family history. Second behind age in terms of determining factors, family history almost triples the risk of developing the disease. Knowing how debilitating the disease is to both the patient with AMD and their family and caretakers, EyePromise® has created a program to address family history in a proactive manner.


The MyPromise gifting program is a simple, 4-step process.
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MyPromise is a gift-it-forward program for people with or at-risk for AMD. The idea is simple: Person 1 purchases their own EyePromise vitamins and elects to send Person 2 three- or six-months’ worth of EyePromise vitamins.* With this gift, Person 1 receives a “Thank You” email and discount on their next purchase. Person 2 will receive a welcome kit with an offer for an eye-healthy cookbook, educational emails, and a coupon for their next purchase. The MyPromise program is an opportunity for family members to help each other protect their vision from an eye health concern that ultimately affects them all.

*Limited to EyePromise RestoreAREDS 2 Plus Multi-Vitamin, and AREDS 2 Plus Zinc-Free.

How to Join MyPromise

Gifting is easy! Person 1 calls into EyePromise Customer Support and mentions the MyPromise gifting program. They then share Person 2’s name, email, and address to complete the order. Each delivery will come with a card in the box explaining the program, who it’s from, and why they’re receiving these specific vitamins.

2020: The Year of the Eye Exam

Perhaps the most important aspect is the encouragement to schedule an eye exam. Our Customer Support team will reiterate the importance of keeping regular visits to their local optometry officeAnnual exams can help detect any visual changes that could indicate a larger, more serious problemEarly identification can mean the difference between warding off eye health issues and managing them. If you have any questions, please call Customer Support at 866-833-2800, email them at, or chat with them online using the feature on our website.



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