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Answering Common Pandemic Questions

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us with questions, with some being easier to answer than others. Some of these questions are eye health-related and have become common to hear in-practice. Dave Anderson, OD, shared the top 4 pandemic-related questions he hears in his practice and how he responds to them.

Is It Safe to Wear Contacts?

Towards the beginning of the pandemic, there were media stories reporting that it was more likely to contract coronavirus while wearing contact lenses, causing concern among contact wearers. Additionally, some feel like they’re more likely to touch their face if they wear contacts. These media reports were since disproven, and studies show that the risk of catching COVID-19 is no different between those who wear contacts and those who wear glasses.

As for the potential for touching your face, Dr. Anderson believes it’s actually more likely with glasses, especially while wearing a mask. He recommends simply maintaining proper wearing habits and hygiene when it comes to contacts, and there should be no additional risk.

Does Blue Light Protection Help My Eyes?

Dr. Anderson understands that the issue of blue light is relatively new, and the extent of its effects on the eyes is yet to be conclusive. However, the symptoms experienced after using screens for an extended period of time are very real and include tired, strained eyes, headaches, and dryness and irritation. For this reason, Dr. Anderson has his staff zoned in to ask about his patients’ screen use.

“They are trained to ask a simple question: ‘How much time do you spend on a computer or digital device during the day?’ This opens up the discussion of blue light and the potential need to add additional protection.”

From here, Dr. Anderson recommends blue light filters added to his patients’ glasses, but this only covers those who wear corrective lenses. The EyePromise® Screen Shield line is an option for anyone and helps build your eyes’ natural blue light protection. Formulated with natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce symptoms like eye strain and fatigue, these daily eye vitamins provide lasting protection that’s always there. Unlike blue light glasses, you don’t have to worry about:

  • Losing them
  • Breaking them
  • Remembering to put them on
  • Wearing them outside


Why Do I Keep Getting Styes?

This has been another issue contributed to increased screen time. Dr. Anderson said,

“…while using a computer or digital device, your blink rate drops significantly. As a result, the oil glands on your eye lids become hardened, thickened, and become blocked in some cases. The inflammation process in some cases leads to a stye, much like how a pimple forms on the skin. The issue is that your computer is not going to go away, so we need to improve your tear function.”

Dr. Anderson tends to recommend some sort of fish oil supplement. However, for lasting relief and a healthy ocular surface, it’s important to get more than just fish oil. EyePromise EZ Tears is a daily eye vitamin formulated with highly potent, ultra-purified Omega-3s plus 7 additional ingredients proven in clinical trials to help balance and sustain the health of the tear film.


How Can I Keep My Glasses From Fogging Up?

This is one of the most common issues experienced during the pandemic. Whether it’s sunglasses or corrective lenses, wearing a mask can tend to fog up your frames. Dr. Anderson has a few anti-fog wipes and sprays that his staff recommends, but these only offer temporary fixes. His main recommendation is to make sure your mask fits properly.

While there’s some hope that this pandemic won’t last forever, the end is still out of sight. With that in mind, knowing how to fix some of these common pandemic-related issues can help us all get through it a little easier. EyePromise Screen Shield and EZ Tears vitamins are safe, natural solutions to a couple of these complaints, and they can be taken alongside each other as well as a multi-vitamin without concern of overdosing.