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10+ tips to remember to take your medication (and eye vitamin)

In the rush of daily life, sometimes we forget a little ritual that’s very important for our health and well-being — we forget to take the vitamins and medications that our doctors have prescribed for us.

Here are several ways to remember to take your medication.

Advance from auto-pilot

Taking medication or vitamins can become so reflexive that you might not be able to remember whether you took them or not. You might confuse thinking about taking your medications and vitamins with actually doing it. That’s because we have a lot of memories of the same task. These memories tend to blur together.

One way to move out of this mode is to carve out time in the morning or evening to take your medication while practicing a self-care ritual. For example, according to this blog post, in the morning, you “might spend 10 or 15 minutes drinking coffee while reading the paper or walking around the block, meditating, stretching or writing. This doesn’t have to be a big chunk of time. It can be just 10 to 15 minutes.”

Pop your pills while you’re reading that newspaper and think about the article you’re reading as you do so. Or, take your medications/vitamins before your evening walk and think about your route or some aspect of the scenery.

Simple support

Pick a pillbox with compartments for each day. Place any medications and vitamins or supplements your doctor has recommended in each slot. That way you’re also not taking a second dose.

If you’re just starting a medication, leave it in an easy spot like on top of your alarm clock in the mornings or even tucked away with the dinner plates when you’re ready to nosh on your night-time meal.

What might work best for you is to tie taking your medication with a certain daily activity like taking a shower or making it part of your bedtime ritual.

You might want to also place a note wherever you’ll notice it every day – on the refrigerator, on your coffee maker, on your toothbrush, on your bathroom vanity mirror.

If you use a datebook, write your reminder it in a special color that’s hard to miss.

High-tech help

Since you’re reading this on either a phone, tablet, or computer, why not set up electronic reminders on your phone or computer that let you know it’s time to take your vitamin or other meds. You could even put the message on your computer’s screen saver. offers a variety of devices, including medication computers, vibrating watches, automatic dispensers, beepers, and other alarms that can help keep you on schedule for taking your medication.

Aid from an ally

Did you know there are calling services that will give you a daily “wake-up” call to remind you to take your meds? This may be something worth investigating.

You could also enlist the support of a positive person who understands your situation and to help you remember to take your medicine. Not only will it help your physical well-being but the social interaction helps you emotionally too!

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