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Sean Hawley, 2014 Trapshooting Hall Of Fame Inductee

Kgun-photo-300x283[1]Testimonial: “I started using Eye Promise Vizual Edge Pro about three months ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The first effects that I detected were an increase in the color contrast between the orange of the clay target and background. I’m 47 years old and in the last few years I’ve noticed that the targets just don’t look as bright as they once did. I have no doubt that using this product has enhanced my ability to see the target leave the house. If that was all Eye Promise did, it would be more than enough for me, but there is more.

After about two months of taking this product I started to notice that my sensitivity to light had decreased. Not only was it better in the bright sunlight, but also at night when driving. My constant dry eyes seem to be a thing of the past, as well. The final thing that I’ve seen is that my visual processing speeds have improved. Before, the targets would leave the house and they would seemingly travel quite a ways before I would get the gun moving, now after three months of using this product, it feels like no target beats me out of the trap house. If you are serious about your shooting, I strongly recommend Eye Promise Vizual Edge Pro. It’s made a difference for me.”

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DeWitt Weaver

IMG_0932-2[1]Professional Golfer

I have been using EyePromise as a remedy for my dry eyes for a couple of years now. It has been very helpful in keeping them hydrated. I no longer experience the constant watering or blurriness that used to plague me. I am happy to have discovered EyePromise and plan to continue its use going forward.

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Sniper Instructor

Untitled-design-85-300x214[1]Testimonial: “I am an active duty member of the US military and currently serve as a sniper instructor. Our unit nutritionist provided me with a 30 day supply of EyePromise vizual Edge Pro to trial. Since I started taking it I’ve noticed improved contrast and clarity when identifying objects at a distance. Looking through magnified optics for a long period of time causes eye strain and the EyePromise has helped tremendously with lessening this strain. I’ve also noticed a reduction in glare. Normally I need to wear sun glasses even on cloudy days due to light sensitivity but not since I started taking EyePromise vizual Edge Pro.

As a sufferer of migraines I’ve also noticed a decrease from 2-4 per week to 3 migraines in a 4 week period. This was an unexpected benefit and I believe taking EyePromise vizual Edge Pro has contributed to this improvement because of my newfound ability to tolerate visual stimuli. EyePromise vizual Edge Pro is a great product and I highly recommend it.”

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Neil Walker, Professional Baseball Player

NeilWalker_412shirt_2697-300x200[1]2014 Silver Slugger Utilizes the EyePromise brand of Eye Vitamins to Gain a Competitive Edge on the Field

Testimonial: “Incorporating EyePromise into my nutritional regimen has ultimately translated to better on-field performance for me. I’ve noticed improvements in my ability to see during bright day games, the dryness of my eyes, and even my ability to pick up on fine detail. My eye-doctor has also noticed improvements. The last time I saw him he informed me that my contrast has improved by over 30%. I am happy to have been introduced to EyePromise and their NSF Certified products.”  Read More

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Can patients take EyePromise if they’re taking Plavix® or Coumadin®?

It is recommended that patients, on a blood thinner, confer with their doctor before starting any vitamin or supplement regimen. EyePromise has insignificant effect on blood thinners at the recommended dosage. Confusion occurs because Zeaxanthin and lutein are found in leafy green vegetables and doctors often tell patients taking blood thinners not to eat them. Leafy green vegetables contain Vitamin K, a contraindication for patients taking blood thinners. EyePromise does not contain Vitamin K. The amount of fish oil or Vitamin E in EyePromise is not at a level to be a concern for patients on blood thinners.