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Paul Chaplow, DTL Shooting Champion

Paul Chaplow PhotographTestimonial:

“I started taking the course of tablets in December and within a month my dry eye problem had vanished. I’ve been plagued with this problem all my shooting career with our cold wet windy winters my eyes were constantly streaming. Also I’ve noticed my scores be more and more consistent especially at this time of year when it’s very dark and overcast (poor light quality). In January I’ve shot 2 maximum 100/300 perfect scores. The previous year I didn’t manage a perfect score until April, i.e. until the better light conditions came. I personally put this down to EyePromise Vizual Edge Pro as I seem to see the target quicker, I can lock onto the target quicker thus shooting the target quicker. The target looks bigger/brighter.”

Paul Chaplow
Multiple European , British, English, Scottish, Welsh DTL Shooting Champion

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US Military Testimonial

US Army Special Forces SoldierTestimonial: “Both as a Special Forces Combat Marksmanship Instructor with over 10 years of Special Operations experience and as an extremely successful competitive shooter, this is the only nutritional supplement that I trust to keep my vision at its best. Within 3 weeks of starting the use of this product, I noticed tremendous improvement in my ability to quickly focus on targets during target transitions as well as reduced eye strain.

“If you are on the fence about purchasing this product, quit debating it and purchase it now. Regardless of your specific purpose, if your vision is crucial to your success, you will never regret this purchase.”

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Women’s eye health: Four things they need to know! 

Women's Eye HealthOptometrists are in an excellent position to educate female patients about their higher risk of vision loss as well as how patients can best protect and preserve their vision. According to “The Future of Vision: Forecasting the Prevalence and Costs of Vision Problems“, 4.4 million Americans age 40 and older are visually impaired or blind. Women make up the overwhelming majority of these numbers. Continue reading Women’s eye health: Four things they need to know! 

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DiVFuSS: What does this study mean for your practice?

ChousBy A. Paul Chous, MA, OD, FAAO, CDE

Hi there – this is Paul Chous and I’m an optometrist with a private practice specializing in diabetes eye care and education in Tacoma, WA. Today I’d like to talk about a newly published randomized clinical trial for which I was Principal Investigator: The Diabetes Visual Function Supplement Study, or DiVFuSS (British Journal of Ophthalmology 2016). There is a lot of scientific evidence showing that multi-component nutritional supplements containing anti-oxidants, including zeaxanthin and lutein, improve visual function in patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and even lower the risk of disease progression in certain patients (AREDS and AREDS2). We were interested in seeing if we could achieve these benefits in patients with diabetes and diabetic retinopathy which, after all, remains the leading cause of new blindness in working age Americans. Continue reading DiVFuSS: What does this study mean for your practice?

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Women and eye health: Don’t forget female patients this month!

women and eye healthBy Susan Lake, OD

It seems that every time I log into a social media account there is declaration of a new “day.” For example, I recently noticed an onslaught of pictures posted of my friends with their brothers and sisters and quickly realized it was “siblings day.” There are awareness “months” too, and although some of them seem a little silly and far-reaching, I recently was informed of a serious one that deems discussion. Continue reading Women and eye health: Don’t forget female patients this month!

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Can Nutraceutical Support of Visual Function Help Protect the Brain from Concussion?

football-619243_640 (1)By Dr. Dorothy Hitchmoth

In the recent movie Concussion, actor Will Smith, playing the now infamous doctor Bennet Omalu, says, “repetitive head trauma chokes the brain”.   I know this is true.  My 20 years as a VA eye doctor is a privilege that bears the reality of the effects of repeat brain trauma as well as the perseverance embedded in the souls of our nation’s finest men and women.  My perspective on treating these patients is hardly mired given my proverbial view to the brain. Continue reading Can Nutraceutical Support of Visual Function Help Protect the Brain from Concussion?

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Offer patients nutritional blue light protection

nutritional blue light protectionFrom the sunshine you enjoy on a beautiful day, to the digital devices we’ve come to depend upon – there’s no escaping blue light exposure.

Blue light might not affect your patient’s vision quality this instant, but studies are revealing the cumulative effects of blue light can negatively shape the quality of vision years decades later. Damage from blue light emitted from LED televisions, smart phones, or computers can accumulate, increasing the risk and severity of developing Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Continue reading Offer patients nutritional blue light protection