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Pro Baseball Prospect David MacKinnon

“I first learned of your product when I was playing in the Arizona Fall League (AFL) in 2018. The EyePromise reps came in and [sic]explained how the product worked and the benefits of using it. It sounded good and sounded like if it worked, it would be a useful tool to get an edge when hitting. Your eyes are the most important tool in hitting, so any way I could improve them gave me a better chance of recognizing pitches and consistently barreling up the ball.

“I started to see some improvements in eyesight by the end of the Fall League season. I took EyePromise throughout the AFL and the whole 2018-2019 off season. I got back to Spring Training in 2019, and I was mind blown at how well I picked up the spin of the ball. I had always been able to see spin well, but this was another level. The color contrast was more prominent, and I started picking up the direction of the spin earlier and earlier. I always struggled to see spin during the day because of my light blue eyes, and I saw huge improvements in Spring Training when most games are during the day. Unfortunately, I lost the 2019 season to a torn ACL, but I’m looking forward to using EyePromise in 2020 to take my game to the next level!”

David MacKinnon
First Baseman