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Paul Chaplow, DTL Shooting Champion

Paul Chaplow PhotographTestimonial:

“I started taking the course of tablets in December and within a month my dry eye problem had vanished. I’ve been plagued with this problem all my shooting career with our cold wet windy winters my eyes were constantly streaming. Also I’ve noticed my scores be more and more consistent especially at this time of year when it’s very dark and overcast (poor light quality). In January I’ve shot 2 maximum 100/300 perfect scores. The previous year I didn’t manage a perfect score until April, i.e. until the better light conditions came. I personally put this down to EyePromise Vizual Edge Pro as I seem to see the target quicker, I can lock onto the target quicker thus shooting the target quicker. The target looks bigger/brighter.”

Paul Chaplow
Multiple European , British, English, Scottish, Welsh DTL Shooting Champion

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