About Us

Leaning on a fence after graduating from high school in 1969, Dennis Gierhart looked up at the sky. Neil Armstrong had just landed on the moon – and happened to be from a town 2 miles away from Gierhart’s hometown of Lima, Ohio.

“I thought if somebody from just over the field over there is walking on the moon right now, you can do almost anything.”

With this inspiration, Gierhart, PhD, wanted to spend his life using science to help people and found that he could after researching an antioxidant called zeaxanthin. After spending years researching zeaxanthin and what it can do to support better eye health, he co-founded EyePromise in 2001.

Gierhart is passionate about his company being people-focused. With over 55 million doses consumed, EyePromise customers have proven their loyalty with their amazing testimonials and generous feedback. Live life in focus!





From doctors to athletes, professionals in every field rely on our products and industry-leading insights.


We use science to lead our efforts so we can continue to deliver proven outcomes that change lives.


We look to the forefront of our industry to see what’s next in eye health – and where we can make a difference.


We focus on creating the best outcome possible in everything we do – from serving customers to sourcing ingredients.