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Maybe you’ve noticed recently that your eyes can adjust to the sun’s brightness more easily or recover much quicker from the glare of headlights caused by passing cars while driving at night. Maybe you learned at your recent optometrist’s visit that your MPOD score not only increased but you were able to read more letters on the lines on an eye chart during an exam. We call these insights and discoveries EyePromise Moments. We want to honor and celebrate these times of success.

When you share your EyePromise Moment, you give others the gift of hope; you help people realize the potential for experiencing their own EyePromise Moment!

Upload a video you’ve created or write a few sentences about a time when you’ve experienced an EyePromise Moment and receive a coupon for $5 off your next EyePromise purchase. You’ll also be entered to win one of the following; a Canon EOS Rebel Digital Camera with HD Movie Mode, an Apple iPad mini 16GB, or a $100 Amazon gift card.

If you provide us with a friend or family member’s email address, we’ll send that person a coupon they can use toward a future purchase. You can not only inspire others with your story, you can share the gift of vision protection and preservation with those you love too!

Need some EyePromise Moment Inspiration? Check out what others have had to say!

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Share Your EyePromise Moment

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Read an EyePromise Moment


Check out our videos or read what these people had to say as well.

“Having had Glaucoma medication since the 1970’s and eventual surgery on both eyes, I have been visiting my Eye Doctor twice a year for several years to check eye pressures and general vision.  The surgeries stabilized eye pressures to acceptable levels but other issues over the years have prevented vision corrections to 20-20.  Typically at my six month exams my corrected vision would run 20-50, give or take some.  About a year ago, I noticed a new problem with my right eye.  Whenever I looked at something with vertical lines the line would have a wave in it.  I would tell my wife, as I drove down the road that the telephone poles looked like they were pregnant.  When I saw my Eye Doctor to see what was going on, she said that it was the start of Macular Degeneration, something I recall that my Mother had. She recommended I find a supplement with 10 mg of lutein and 10 mg of zeaxanthin.  After searching online, I found exactly that at ZeaVision EyePromise, and began taking one a day.  About three months ago, I noticed the telephone poles were looking “less pregnant”.  I was also noticing that the lines on the Amsler Grid Chart I view daily were looking straighter. At last month’s Eye Doctor appointment, I was amazed at how many more of the eye chart letters I could see.  I was even able to see a couple of those on the 20-20 chart. Is it the lutein/zeaxanthin doing this?  My Dr. says there is no way to know for sure but is confident that it is probably helping and recommends I keep taking it. Let’s hope my vision continues to improve or at least stabilize.” – A.B.

“Before I began to take EZ Tears, my eyes would burn and sting so bad I would need to close them for a few seconds frequently during the day. EZ Tears has helped reduce this condition.” – Barbara V


“I’ve been using EyePromise Restore for over a year now. I went to the eye doctor last week and he took a picture of my macula and compared it to the one I had last year. He said to me, “There is just a slight difference in this year’s picture to last year’s. I am not even going to discuss it with you.” He said, “Do you take your EyePromise Restore?” I said, “YES.” I am so grateful for your product. I feel I’ve been given a new lease on my eyes. What a great feeling. Thank you!” – Francis D.


“After taking EZ Tears for three weeks I started to notice that I didn’t need to use eye drops during the day and that my contact lenses seemed to stay clearer. What a great feeling!” – Claire M.


“One of my best friends has wet Macular Degeneration and is slowly going blind. She has had many expensive injections in her eyes. Due to hearing about her vision problems, my husband and I started taking EyePromise Restore. Our vision and symptoms have really improved according to our ophthmalmologist. I feel blessed to have this supplement to use daily. Our vision is extremely important to us.” – Miriam H.


“After numerous attempts to get any type of relief for my dry eyes including countless bottles of over-the-counter eye drops, gels, ointments, prescription eye drops, punctual plugs, nightly inserts, warm eye compresses, eye massage, expensive daily contacts for dry eyes etc., my eye doctor recommended an oral supplement as well. I purchased a bottle of EyePromise EZ Tears and within weeks, I noticed a difference. I have been taking EZ Tears from almost a year and can now wear my contacts comfortably without irritation and that sandy, gritty feeling. Also, I have noticed a remarkable difference in the appearance of my eyes are they are much clearer and not blood-shot and red. I would highly recommend this product to dry eye sufferers.” – Jana B.


“Since I have been using EyePromise Restore, my vision has improved over the past 3 or 4 years. I feel EyePromise supplements are great for people with mucular problems such as myself. I noticed the improvement over a six month period. Thank to EyePromise Restore.” – Janice A.


“I saw a 20 year young woman for a routine eye examination and was not able to correct her past 20/25-. She was a college softball player and said she was having a lot of difficulty hitting and wondered if her eyes were the problem. I ran a contrast sensitivity test which was abnormal. Her eyes appeared totally healthy – no media opacities, regular corneal curvature, normal looking retinas. Finally, I performed an MPOD measurement, which was atrociously low at 0.05. I started her on EyePromise Restore and asked her to return in 6 months. Well, about 3 months later she was on my schedule again, and when I walked into the exam room she had the biggest smile ever. She told me that for the first time ever she was now able to see the rotation of the softball when she was at bat, and that her hitting average had greatly improved. She was there to thank me.  I refracted her again, coming up with a nearly identical astigmatic correction – only this visit, she was able to read the entire 20/20 line. I re-checked her MPOD, which was now 0.32. Her contrast sensitivity had also normalized. These changes blew me away and really underscored the importance of both asking patients about the quality of their vision as well as checking macular pigment even in apparently totally healthy young patients.” – Dr. Paul Chous

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ZeaVision Holdings, Inc., on behalf of the line of EyePromise eye vitamins, is sponsoring a drawing for those people who have purchased EyePromise products and have submitted their EyePromise Moment through the website, http://www.EyePromiseMoment.com.

Eligibility: Participants must have used EyePromise products, be at least 18 years of age, and be a resident within the United States. Employees of ZeaVision Holdings, Inc., (along with its contractors, affiliates and subsidiaries) and their families are not eligible. Void where prohibited by law. Entrants residing in areas where the contest is void may participate but may not win any prizes.

Entry Requirements: Participants are eligible to be part of the drawing by submitting their EyePromise Moment to one of the following to the websites: www.eyepromise.com/natural-eye-vitamins/community/eyepromisemoments/, or www.eyepromisemoment.com.

Submission Requirements: Participants can submit his/her EyePromise Moment via video explaining his/her EyePromise Moment or by writing his/her story through the submission form.

EyePromise products are not intended to cure, treat, prevent, or diagnose disease. Participants can discuss the benefits or results they’ve experienced in using the product. Participants can also discuss reasons for taking the product or their opinions on the product. Participants cannot state that the product has “cured”, “treated”, “prevented” or “diagnosed” a disease.

EyePromise Moment in video form should be at least 20 seconds but no more than 3 minutes in length.

Winner selection: Winners will be chosen randomly.

Prizes: Participants have an opportunity to win one of three prizes. First prize is a Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR with 18-55 mm IS II Lens and EOS HD Movie Mode.  Second prize is an Apple iPad mini MD531LL/A (16 GB, Wi0Fi, White/Silver). Third prize is a $100 Amazon gift card. The value for the camera is $449.00. The value for the iPad mini is $299.00.

Winner notification: Winners will be notified and announced publicly on. Winners will have 5 days to claim their prize. Inability to contact a winner may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner.

General Conditions: Participants hereby grant ZeaVision, on behalf of EyePromise eye vitamins, a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to broadcast, publish, store, reproduce, distribute, syndicate, and otherwise use and exhibit the Submission (along with their names, voices, performance and/or likenesses) in all media now known and later come into being for purposes of trade or advertising without further compensation. Participants represent and warrant that they have full legal right, power and authority to grant ZeaVision the foregoing license and if applicable, have secured all necessary rights from any participants in, and contributors to, their Submission in order to grant such a license.

ZeaVision, on behalf of the EyePromise brand, is under no obligation to use any Submission or return the Submissions to participants. Any income tax liability is the sole responsibility of the winner.

Use of contest information: All entries become the property of ZeaVision Holdings, Inc. ZeaVision, on behalf of EyePromise, reserves the right to use any and all information related to the contest, including submissions provided by participants, for editorial, marketing, and any other purpose, unless prohibited by law. ZeaVision may use email addresses submitted to contact participants. ZeaVision will not sell or trade information obtained from the contest.

Conduct: All contest participants agree to be bound by these Official Rules.  ZeaVision Holdings, Inc., in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person it finds to be tampering with the entry process, the operation of its web site or is otherwise in violation of these rules.

Limitations of Liability: ZeaVision, Holdings, Inc., is not responsible for late, lost, or misdirected email or for any computer, online, telephone or technical malfunctions that may occur.  If for any reason, the drawing is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention or technical failures of any sort, ZeaVision Holdings, Inc., may cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the drawing.  Entrants further agree to release ZeaVision from any liability resulting from, or related to participation in the contest.

Winners list: The names of the winner may be obtained by sending a self-addresses stamped envelope to: ZeaVision Holdings, Inc., 680 F Crown Industrial Court, Chesterfield, MO 63005


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