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EyePromise AREDS 2 Plus with a Multi-Vitamin AREDS 2 Formula – PLUS Added Nutrients EyePromise AREDS 2 Plus with a Multi-Vitamin, available in a daily convenience pack, is designed for patient types studied in the National Eye Institute AREDS 2 clinical trial, containing the same dietary ingredients – PLUS a multi-vitamin and other essential nutrients demonstrated to support healthy vision.



What’s in the PLUS? The PLUS represents additional protective nutrients, including:

  • 10 mgs of dietary Zeaxanthin – the highest available level,
  • Vitamin D3,
  • Omega-3s, and
  • Other science-supported ingredients to promote ocular health

AREDS 2 Study Results

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AREDS 2 participants had significantly higher baseline serum levels of Zeaxanthin and Lutein compared to the general population. Based on the average American intake of one milligram of dietary Zeaxanthin and Lutein per day, it is reasonable to infer that most patients would benefit from a higher intake of Zeaxanthin and Lutein.

10 percent_01

Supplementation with Zeaxanthin and Lutein slowed progression to advanced AMD an additional 10 percent over the original AREDS 2 formula in the overall AREDS 2 study population. EyePromise AREDS 2 Plus with a Multi-Vitamin is formulated for:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

FactPanel_areds2multi *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Considered one of the leading companies in ocular nutrition, EyePromise places the highest priority on product quality. Our nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical-grade, contain the highest-quality ingredients, and are manufactured to the exacting standards of the FDA current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements.

Benefits of EyePromise Nutraceuticals:

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EyePromise® Restore Supplements

1.       What benefits can I expect by increasing my macular pigment?

Results may be patient dependent, however many patients report reduced sensitivity to bright light or photophobia, increased contrast sensitivity, increased color saturation, improved fine detail discrimination, improved night vision and night driving, better visual acuity, and better dark adaptation. Healthy macular pigment level has also been scientifically demonstrated to reduce the risk of age-related eye disease.

2.       How does ZeaVision ensure EyePromise quality?

EyePromise is manufactured to the FDA government cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standard to ensure the highest-quality production standards. All ingredients are evaluated for purity, composition, strength, and quality. Testing occurs before, during, and after manufacturing. ZeaVision also conducts third party analysis of finished product to ensure EyePromise content is consistent with product labeling.

3.       What makes EyePromise supplements unique vs. others in the market?

The level of dietary Zeaxanthin in EyePromise is patent protected and the highest level available. The Zeaxanthin in EyePromise is natural form of dietary Zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin is less common in the average diet than lutein and EyePromise is uniquely designed to fulfill this important need. EyePromise has the right mix of ingredients scientifically demonstrated to be essential for healthy vision.

4.       How does each EyePromise ingredient benefit the eye?

Vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants; Omega 3 is an important constituent of the retina modulating inflammatory processes; Zinc is involved in enzyme catalytic function and metabolism; Zeaxanthin is a superior photo-protectant and antioxidant; Lutein is also a photo-protectant and antioxidant; and Alpha Lipoic Acid is another powerful antioxidant that recycles Vitamins C and E.

5.       When should I take EyePromise Zeaxanthin vs. EyePromise Restore?

If the consumer cannot consume fish oil or they are taking a large number of other vitamins contained in EyePromise Restore, a Zeaxanthin-only supplement may be preferred. For instance, if one is taking an eye supplement with a low level of Zeaxanthin or no Zeaxanthin, adding EyePromise Zeaxanthin to one’s daily supplement regimen may be desirable.

6.       Why doesn’t EyePromise Restore contain copper?

The original AREDS formula contains a high level of zinc (80mg zinc oxide). At this zinc level, copper must be added to a supplement formulation to minimize the risk of copper deficient anemia, as high levels of zinc deplete copper. This is the reason copper was added to the original AREDS formulation. The AREDS II formulation contains a reduced zinc level of 25mg because of the original AREDS study findings. EyePromise Restore contains only 15mg of zinc per softgel to mitigate these concerns and is safe to take with a multi-vitamin containing zinc. The recommended upper daily level of zinc is 40mg.


EyePromise Restore Dosing

1.       When should I take EyePromise?

EyePromise supplements should be taken with a meal, preferably a meal that contains at least a small amount of fat, such as a piece of buttered toast.

2.       What is the maximum dose of Zeaxanthin I can safely consume per day?

Although the safety of much higher daily doses has been documented, ZeaVision only recommends the daily dosage listed in the supplement fact panel.

3.       Can I take EyePromise with a multi-vitamin?

Yes, EyePromise Restore is scientifically formulated with that in mind and it is recommended that you can take a multi-vitamin each day along with EyePromise.

4.       Should children and young adults take EyePromise?

Consult with your EyeCare and family doctor regarding consumption of EyePromise if under the age of 18. It is believed that much of the eye damage that manifests late in life occurs during our younger years. Mounting evidence also suggests that consuming Zeaxanthin may provide functional improvements. Some patients report these improvements within six months of beginning EyePromise supplementation. Improvements such as reduced light sensitivity, increased contrast sensitivity with more saturated colors, improved night driving and overall night vision are reported. Adults should follow the dosage recommendation provided on the label.


5.       Why does EyePromise contain only 250 mg of fish oil?

250 mg of fish oil per day is consistent with 2 servings of cold water fish consumption per week, the recommended weekly dietary intake. All EyePromise ingredients are the highest available quality. In spite of the associated cost related to high quality, ZeaVision is focused on minimizing per serving cost to consumers while providing a formulation that delivers optimal eye protection. Additionally, adding more fish oil would increase the number of softgels required daily and significantly increase the size of the softgel, both of which are undesirable. In general, ZeaVision agrees more Omega-3’s would be healthy; however, the formulation balances consumer cost, softgel size, and required softgel servings per day to meet the needs of the majority of consumers. EyePromise is scientifically formulated with the right ingredients and dosage to provide optimal eye health benefits, at an affordable cost.

 6.       What if your primary care doctor or Ophthalmologist has questions about EyePromise?

Refer the doctor to the ZeaVision website. If they have specific questions, ask them to contact ZeaVision directly at (866) 833-2800 to speak with a member of our fully-staffed Customer Support Team.

 7.        How long will I need to take EyePromise supplements?

To maintain your macular pigment level after you reach the desired level, you must continue to take EyePromise. Once you achieve the target level, your doctor may lower your prescription to one softgel per day if you were taking two softgels. If you stop taking EyePromise your macular pigment level will return to your baseline level over time. Additionally, you should make the lifestyle changes your doctor recommends to receive the maximum benefit of EyePromise.


Zeaxanthin and Lutein   

1.       Some individuals have high macular pigment scores after taking lutein supplements. Is lutein the only carotenoid needed to protect healthy vision?

The macula contains both lutein and Zeaxanthin and the eye preferentially accumulates Zeaxanthin in the center of the macula where the highest density of visual cells reside. Supplementing with lutein will increase macular pigment; however, the most crucial area of the macula may have deficient protection without Zeaxanthin and recent science demonstrates unique and beneficial differences between the two carotenoids.

2.       Has Zeaxanthin safety been reviewed by the FDA?

The FDA does not approve vitamins and supplements. Three Zeaxanthin safety studies have been conducted and submitted to the FDA and safety approval obtained. ZeaVision takes safety and quality very seriously.

3.       Why does EyePromise contain only 4mg of lutein?

The decision to incorporate a 2:1 Zeaxanthin to lutein ratio in EyePromise is based on the actual ratio in the center of the macula. Lutein is more readily available than Zeaxanthin, in the diet. The eye still chooses to place a 2:1 ratio of Zeaxanthin to lutein in the center of the macula, the area with the highest concentration of visual cells.

4.       How do Zeaxanthin and Lutein differ? Are there benefits to taking both?

Zeaxanthin and lutein are molecularly similar however they each orient themselves differently in the cell with Zeaxanthin having two ends reactive for antioxidant activity, and lutein only one. The deposition of these antioxidants in the eye varies as Zeaxanthin is in higher concentration in the cone rich center of the macula and lutein is in higher concentration in the peripheral area of the macula. The eye preferentially deposits Zeaxanthin in the fovea (the very center of the macula containing the highest density of vision cells in the retina), suggesting a distinct and different role for each.

5.       What Zeaxanthin and lutein source does ZeaVision utilize in EyePromise Supplements?

Both carotenoids provided in EyePromise are derived from natural sources. The Lutein utilized in EyePromise is derived from marigolds and the Zeaxanthin is derived from red peppers.


Miscellaneous Questions

 1.       Why isn’t EyePromise available in retail stores?

ZeaVision sells EyePromise in the professional channel where EyeCare Professionals can properly explain the benefits of specific supplement ingredients and proper quantity to maintain healthy vision. Retail stores typically sell a confusing array of eye supplements and it’s often very difficult to identify important differences between products

2.       How does the per-serving cost of EyePromise compare to other eye supplements?

EyePromise is one of the most affordable nutraceuticals in the eye supplement category with a per-serving cost of .51 per day. This is particularly compelling when one compares the number and quality of ingredients provided in EyePromise Restore. EyePromise Restore also has the highest available level of natural dietary Zeaxanthin, a very expensive and important ingredient for eye health.

3.       What are the most common adverse events reported with EyePromise?

In more than 40-million consumed doses, there have been no serious adverse reactions reported with EyePromise. The most frequently reported adverse event is nausea. In the strong majority of reported instances of nausea, the supplement was taken on an empty stomach. To date there have been no consistent or serious adverse events reported following EyePromise consumption. Report any adverse events to ZeaVision (1-866-833-2800), so they can be properly catalogued and followed-up.

 4.       What is the EyePromise supplement shelf life?

The shelf life of EyePromise is two years from date of manufacture.

 5.       Can patients take EyePromise if they’re taking Plavix® or Coumadin®?

It is recommended that patients, on a blood thinner, confer with their doctor before starting any vitamin or supplement regimen. EyePromise has insignificant effect on blood thinners at the recommended dosage. Confusion occurs because Zeaxanthin and lutein are found in leafy green vegetables and doctors often tell patients taking blood thinners not to eat them. Leafy green vegetables contain Vitamin K, a contraindication for patients taking blood thinners. EyePromise does not contain Vitamin K. The amount of fish oil or Vitamin E in EyePromise is not at a level to be a concern for patients on blood thinners.


“The first time I had my eyes tested to evaluate my risk factor for macular degeneration, my results were classified as a higher risk — a little bit of a concern since my father was diagnosed with this disease in his 30’s.  At my doctor’s suggestion I tried EyePromise Restore.  It wasn’t a full year later, my eye exam showed a 7 point improvement.  I will definitely keep using EyePromise.”

–      Nancy B.

“Last year I had gone in for an eye exam for Lasik. The doctor told me that I had a spot that is sometimes indicative of future problems with AMD. He suggested EyePromise. I bought some from them and have continued taking it. This year I went back for another exam. The doctor said my eyes are in good health and do not show that spot anymore! Of course, I am continuing to take EyePromise. Thank you for making me a believer.”

–      Marci R.

EyePromise was recommended to me by my optometrist who, 18 months ago, said I had the beginning of AMD. In subsequent check-ups, every six months I show no progression of the disease. It is easy to swallow and leaves no residual taste. I will continue to take it on a regular basis. Also, the price is right, and who would put a price on one’s eyesight!”

–      Joyce J.

“I’ve been using EyePromise Restore for over a year now.  I went to the eye doctor last week and he took a picture of my macula and compared it to the one I had last year.  He said to me ‘there is just a slight difference in this year picture to last year.  I am not even going to discuss it with you.’ He said ‘Do you take your EyePromise Restore?’  I said YES.  I’m so grateful for your product.  I feel I’ve been given a new lease on my eyes.  What a great feeling!  Thank you!”

–      Francis D.


My mother suffered from macular degeneration. My eye doctor has told me that I am a prime candidate also because I have a hereditary disposition and have light blue eyes. He recommended that I start with EyePromise. At my last visit (after 6 months taking the vitamin), my test results had improved so much that he jokingly said that I should become a ‘poster-child’ for the product. That was definitely good news!

–      Donna M.


Just a note to convey my success with EyePromise Restore…  Back in 12/06 when I was in for my annual eye check-up, my doctor informed me that my MPOD score was .24 and he suggested I begin taking a daily dose of EyePromise Restore in an effort to increase my score.  I agreed since I wanted nothing to do with macular degeneration.  In 12/07 my score had improved to .38, which was a dramatic improvement.  At my 11/08 exam my score had grown to .43 for which he was elated.  I am continuing to take EyePromise Restore daily in hopes of raising it even more.

–      Lawrence W.


I wanted to give you an update on my latest MPOD score.  Prior to taking EyePromise Restore my score was 0.24.  Now, after taking EyePromise Restore for six months (one a day) my score is 0.31 and my light sensitivity has decreased.

–      Lisa D.

Certified Paraoptometric

Mt. Pleasant, IA


Thanks for the super service from ZeaVision! I am a very senior citizen who has macular degeneration. My ophthalmologist referred me to ZeaVision, and I am thrilled to tell you that in 6 years of taking EyePromise, my vision seems to have stabilized. I am more than grateful to the scientists in your employ who search for ways to improve ocular health!

–      Greeta B.


I’ve been using EyePromise for about 3 years, recommended to me by doctor in Orlando, FL. We noticed a change in my eye pressure after the first 6 months of using EyePromise. I have continued to use the product and have continued to have low pressure. I recently changed eye doctors, who had not heard of your product. I took the bottle with me to my appointment, where he examined it. He was very pleased with the results, too. I will continue to use EyePromise, as I value my eyesight and the health of my eyes above almost everything else.

–      Alice T.


Since I have been using EyePromise Restore my vision has improved over the past 3 or 4 years. I feel EyePromise supplements are great for people with macular problems such as myself.  I noticed the improvement over a six months period. Thanks to EyePromise Restore.

–      Janice A.


I am an only child (70 years old) and am now the sole caregiver to my 95-year old mother. My mother has had AMD for many years and now what little vision she has is extremely limited. When she was first diagnosed, no one recommended Zeaxanthin to her. When she moved in with me five years ago, it was recommended that she see a Low Vision Specialist. Because I worry about AMD being hereditary, I now go to the same doctor. He highly recommends Zeaxanthin to help prevent AMD or lessen its effects. I have been taking EyePromise for a couple of years now and, so far, all of my eye exams have been very good.   Thank you for making this wonderful product available and affordable.

–      G. Blythe


I have been taking EyePromise for a few months and now have clearer, more defined vision.

–      Wally B.


My husband and I have been taking EyePromise since the product was offered, and before that, a Zeaxanthin 5mg product which was offered by ZeaVision.  We both have family histories of AMD. Our doctor follows us closely and so far results are good.  I cannot report any positive change in vision since we have taken it so long. I can report that we have no complaints and at age 65 no problems with light sensitivity or problems with night driving. I have not found another product that has the quality of EyePromise. Most also have high doses of Vitamin A that I want to avoid with a history of smoking. We have used the automatic shipping option for 4 years and have been very pleased. The shipments are timely so we never have to think about reordering.

–      Midge S.


Thanks to a friend of mine in my hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas I started taking EyePromise Restore about two years ago. Since that time I have not lost any more vision from AMD. As a matter of fact I seem to have improved. Recently I started sending them to my son in Bagdad.   I tried other highly advertised products and never felt as though I could tell any difference in my vision. I AM CONVINCED THAT I AM IMPROVING WITH EYEPROMISE RESTORE!!!!! Thank you very much.

–      Claudette F.
Hot Springs, AR


I would like to tell you my experience and what happened to me and my vision before and after using EyePromise.  I am extremely near-sighted and was very worried about losing my vision as a result and I am only 50. Each time, I would try and read the eye chart, it was a struggle and both I and the assistant knew it. The letters were unclear and fuzzy and it took a long time to try and read the letters on the row. An objective test revealed that at one point I was below “1” in one eye and just over “1” in the other eye. I was worried and didn’t know if I was going to lose my sight.


Then on another visit, my Ophthalmologist recommended EyePromise. Initially, I took it once daily and saw improvement in my vision. So then the doctor told me to take it twice daily, and I was not always consistent in my directions. It was better, but the doctor said I could be over “3” and that was where he wanted me to be as a target. So I started to take it religiously twice daily and rarely missed a dosage.

At the next visit, I am pleased to report that it was significantly over “3” in both eyes and best of all, I can read that eye chart like a teenager! All the letters were crisp and clear and I could read the tiniest font they had on the chart!  I’m so pleased! My vision is crisp and clear and at mid-life, I feel blessed to have such a wonderful product to help save my vision for a lifetime!  Thank you for creating EyePromise.”

–      Julie J.

After telling me I had significant macular degeneration, my optometrist told me I needed a certain amount of Zeaxanthin and lutein, found together only in EyePromise Restore. I started with two capsules a day. After an exam this June my test results were well in the normal range and he said to lower the dose to one capsule a day for maintenance, which I now do. My wife, who doesn’t have macular degeneration, has also been taking one pill a day for the same period per the same doctor and is continuing them to do so.

– Bruce


I was diagnosed with AMD in 1987, when I was 50 years old. At that time the regimen for treatment was zinc. Later I moved to the antioxidant regimen, along with extra doses of zinc. I have continually, since 1987, followed research and development of treatments available either by prescription or over the counter. I have annual assessments of my macular degeneration, and have had many photo-mapping procedures done.

I’ve been taking EyePromise since it first was introduced. At the same time my Doctor did a photo-mapping procedure. At my most recent evaluation, he expressed amazement that my AMD had not progressed since I began taking EyePromise. I trust EyePromise to help me retain my eyesight for many years to come.

–      Bob B.


One of my best friends has wet macular degeneration and is slowly going blind. She has had many expensive injections in her eyes. Due to hearing about her vision problems, my husband and I started taking EyePromise Restore. Our vision and symptoms have really improved according to our ophthalmologist. I feel blessed to have this supplement to use daily. Our vision is extremely important to us.

–      Miriam H.

–      Las Vegas, NV

My optometrist noticed the onset of macular degeneration about two years ago and suggested I begin taking a vitamin for eye health.  I started taking Octi-vite at that time and when I went in for my yearly checkup.  In Sept of 2009 she suggested I try some that she researched on line and that she thought best to use that didn’t require a prescription.  I had just opened a new bottle of Octi-vite before I went for the checkup so although I ordered your EyePromise Restore, I finished the Octi-vite.  I didn’t start taking the EyePromise Restore until after the first of the year.

I am so pleased with the results I have experienced since taking your EyePromise Restore.  I am starting on the last bottle of my first order and have ordered more.  I began taking EyePromise Restore around the first of this year and it was such a gradual change I didn’t notice at first any improvement, but now for the first time in year or better I can actually see to thread my sewing machine needle.  I can actually see the hole in the needle and the thread going through.  Wow!  Thank you so much!

–      Linda R.

Pine Bluffs, WY


A year ago I was diagnosed with macular degeneration in both eyes. My eye doctor put me on EyePromise Restore where I take one softgel twice a day. On May 23rd I had an eye exam; my macular degeneration was being maintained. What joy to know it hasn’t gotten worse! Another great news of joy is that there has been an improvement in both of my eyes! All of this is my great thanks and praise to taking EyePromise Restore! I would encourage everyone with eye problems to take this product! I am sticking with this product (this most wonderful product) the rest of my life! I wish my mother knew of this product when she was living. She had macular degeneration and was pretty much blind when she died at the age of 94.

-Eileen H.

Canton, SD

Dry Eye Testimonials

EZ Tears has been very helpful to my problem of dry eyes.  After about three weeks I could tell a significant difference, especially at night when my eyes bother me the most.

Dorothy R.


After taking EZ Tears for three weeks I started to notice that I didn’t need to use eye drops during the day and that my contact lenses seemed to stay clearer.  What a great feeling!

Claire M.


EZ Tears has helped significantly with my dry eyes.  I rarely notice dry eye symptoms when I take the product.

Jane. B.

EyePromise EZ Tears relieved my dry eye problem quickly, within two weeks.

Debbie R.


I am a narrow sighted person who has had Lasik, retina tear and cataract surgery on my eyes.  I have also suffered with dry eyes for many years.  A few months ago the dry eye condition got worse as I also developed meibomian gland dysfunction on both eyes. The treatment for this is very painful.  People were asking me why was I crying all the time as tears were streaming down my face, and this without counting the itching and burning sensation in my eyes. My doctor gave me a sample of EyePromise EZ Tears for my dry eye condition and slowly my eyes started to feel better.  I had already tried other supplements with no real effect.  EyePromise EZ Tears helped to slowly stop the tearing.  After about 15 days I felt a noticeable improvement in my eyes. The tears were no longer falling uncontrollably over my face and there was less burning and itching.  I have only taken 1 bottle of EZ Tears, but I am now ordering more plus the EyePromise Restore to help me heal sooner.  I would recommend the EZ Tears to any person with these eye conditions for a real immediate relief.  I would also like to thank ZeaVision Customer Service who have been so helpful and knowledgeable.  Thank you for making this product.

Nini A. – FL

After numerous attempts to get any type of relief for my dry eyes, including countless bottles of over-the-counter eye drops, gels, ointments, prescription eye drops, punctal plugs, nightly inserts, warm eye compresses, eye massage, expensive daily contacts for dry eyes, etc., my eye doctor recommended an oral supplement as well. I purchased a bottle of EyePromise EZ Tears and within weeks, I noticed a difference.  I have been taking EZ Tears for almost a year and can now wear my contacts comfortably without irritation and that sandy, gritty feeling.  Also, I have noticed a remarkable difference in the appearance of my eyes as they are much clearer and not blood-shot and red. I would highly recommend this product to dry eye sufferers.

Jana B.

I believe EZ Tears is working great for me. I have a pretty severe case of dry eyes and I have all four of my tear ducts plugged. I’ve used Restasis for years and I also use FML ointment and Patanol. I’ve also been taking extra fish oil plus magnesium and zinc but still my eyes were right on the edge. I would still need to supplement with artificial tears during the day. Well, I started using the EZ Tears product and within three days I noticed that I was generating excess tears that would roll down my cheek and that is something that hasn’t happened for twenty years! So I am very happy, which is why I reordered.  I’m very pleased.  I take the EZ Tears at breakfast and again at supper and it seems to me that about 2-3 hours after I take the EZ Tears I seem to get some excess tears. So maybe that has something to do with how the product is absorbed into my body.

Randy W.


Before I began to take EZ Tears, my eyes would burn and sting so bad I would need to close them for a few seconds frequently during the day. EZ Tears has helped reduce this condition.

Barbara V.



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