MPOD Guarantee


MPOD Guarantee

How many supplements guarantee a response?

With more than 50 million doses consumed, and more than 4 million eyes measured using QuantifEye®, we have proof that EyePromise® macular formulas increase MPOD (Macular Pigment Optical Density).

It’s that simple.

EyePromise is the only brand with a Guarantee to Increase MPOD! Why? Because countless studies prove it, and more than 50 million doses and counting can’t be wrong.

Take the MPOD Guarantee Challenge!

It’s this simple: measure your patients’ MPOD. If it’s low, prescribe 2 EyePromise zeaxanthin-based softgels per day (one of the EyePromise macular health formulas), and remeasure their MPOD in six months. If it doesn’t increase, we’ll refund their purchase amount. But be prepared that the average increase in MPOD is 50-60% during that time.

How many supplements can guarantee a response? EyePromise can.

It Gets Even Better.

Try the QuantifEye Program in your practice for 60-days. We’ll train you and your staff for a full day in your practice. If you’re not completely satisfied after 60-days, we’ll take the equipment back, as well as any unsold supplements. We have hundreds of testimonials from leading Optometrists and Ophthalmologists throughout the U.S. – you will probably provide a testimonial, too.