Doctor Testimonials

“The [QuantifEye®] Program from ZeaVision is a key part of our Center for Macular Health at Gailmard Eye Center.  It allows us to take a preventative approach to macular degeneration, which our patients greatly appreciate.  We test MPOD as a major AMD risk factor and our doctors actively prescribe the EyePromise line of nutritional supplements.  The entire program is quite successful for us.”   

Neil Gailmard, OD, MBA, FAAO
President, Prima Eye Group
Munster, Indiana


Zeavision has been a great partner in helping our practice become proactive with our patients eye health as it relates to the risks associated with Macular Degeneration. Our patients are educated, engaged and motivated participants in this process. Macular pigment testing has become an integral procedure in our office.”  

Dr. Michael Bernier
Chippewa Eye Centre, Inc.
Saint Louis, Missouri


ZeaVision products have been a great fit for our practice and patients. We were not being as preventative as we should have been when it came to Macular Degeneration. ZeaVision staff members helped us implement their program and provided us with the information and knowledge needed to get started. We have now been in full swing for over a year with MPOD testing and EyePromise supplements. We appreciate the ongoing support we receive and I’m pleased to report that ZeaVision really stands behind their product and customers.” 

Dr. Jennifer Redmond


“The EyePromise supplements and QuantifEye macular pigment testing device have allowed me to proactively identify patients at risk of AMD and create an excellent profit center for my office. This type of technology is the key to practicing optometry in the present health care environment…good for my patients and my practice!”

Jason Lake, OD 
Eyecare Specialties


“We began our relationship with ZeaVision three months ago.  I have to say it has been one of the best partnerships with a company we’ve ever had.  They installed the [QuantifEye] Program (QuantifEye macular pigment measurement equipment and EyePromise supplements) promptly and gave our staff exceptional training on the program.  The ZeaVision rep was very hands on and helpful.  He even brought a QuantifEye machine to a health fair we were involved in and helped with the testing!  We have had great acceptance of the test by patients as well as acceptance of the supplements.  We charge a minimal fee of $15 for the screening test with a patient acceptance rate of 80-90% of eligible patients.  Of those that score low, our patients are very happy to learn there is something they can do that is preventative. 

“The increase in our monthly profit from the testing and the supplements has averaged $4,000.  What’s great is there is no insurance involved.  Best of all, we now have a way of measuring and tracking our patients progress and the ability to help delay or prevent macular degeneration.  Our patients, doctors, and staff are very enthusiastic about this new technology.  It has been easy to implement, increased our ability to care for our patients, and is making our practice more profitable.”

Dr. Shelley Williams
Williams & Hussey Eyecare


“We have had the QuantifEye unit for about 9 months and perform about 100 tests/month.  Previously studies (AREDS I and II) have demonstrated the benefits of certain antioxidants as it relates to slowing the progression of dry macular degeneration. “The QuantifEye instrument allows for testing of macular pigment density before any physical macular changes are observed.  For those patients with low density readings we have found the EyePromise supplement to be effective in increasing readings 50-75% after 4-6 months.  Interestingly enough some of our highest readings will be with patients on vegetarian diets, while some of our lowest readings will be with those who are chronic smokers. A wonderful tool for discussing the correlation between lifestyle choices and ocular health.”  

Dr. Ed Liu
Pleasanton, CA


“As EyeCare professionals we wanted to provide those patients that have or are at risk of having age-related macular degeneration the best supplement available. After researching numerous supplements we concluded that EyePromise Restore is that supplement. We wanted a supplement that reflected the actual tissue requirements of the macula/fovea. In addition, we wanted a supplement that did not contain beta carotene. EyePromise Restore fit these needs. This is a product that is easy to believe in and rewarding to provide to our patients.” 

 Dr. Gary D Jacobsen, FAAO
 Dr. Troy Myers


“We are exceptionally pleased with how our patients have received the QuantifEye technology.  The fact that there is actually a test for an AMD risk factor and a supplement with measurable results seems to almost be a relief for many patients.  Patients appreciate our being on the cutting edge with this new technology and don’t mind paying a nominal fee for the test, particularly when they can see the benefits of being proactive.  I take the EyePromise supplement myself and have already increased my MPOD score from .24 to .34.”

Dr. Deborah Kerber
Florissant, MO


“Whenever I look at putting new technologies in my office, I look at: 

  1. Does it benefit my patients? 
  2. Is it easy for my staff and myself to use? 

I have been using the ZeaVision technology since May of 2011 and can report that it answers those questions positively.  First, it helps my patients see an actual number that they can relate to.  For years, we have prescribed nutraceuticals in my office without the ability to quantify actual numbers – this technology helps do this.  The technology is easy for my staff to use and adds only a few minutes to my examination.  ZeaVision has been a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend them.”

Yoongie Min, O.D.
Columbus, Ohio