QuantifEye® Program

The QuantifEye Program is our premiere program for EyeCare Professionals. It includes EyePromise nutraceuticals, the QuantifEye MPOD Measurement Instrument, and the EyePromise Support Portal (ESP).

EyePromise Dispenser Program

The Dispenser program allows EyeCare Professionals to dispense EyePromise from their office. There is no minimum case buy-in, inventory requirements, or ongoing commitment. Simply place case orders (24 bottles per case), as needed.

EyePromise Prescriber Program

The Prescriber program allows EyeCare Professionals to prescribe EyePromise nutraceuticals to patients. Professionals do not have to carry an inventory of supplements within the practice. Patients order directly from EyePromise, and the professional earns a consultation fee on every bottle.